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Question 13. Choosing a Reputable Fencing Contractor?

When choosing your fencing contractor, consider these factors:

Does the contractor use his own employees to install and service this product? If the contractor uses his own employees, he has total control over the complete project, thus insuring that your job will remain on budget and on schedule. Some control is eliminated if the job is "subbed" out to independent contractors.

Will the contractor provide a written estimate and/or contract? A reputable contractor will provide you with a detailed estimate outlining materials and labor costs for your project.

Is the contractor bonded and insured? Ask to see a copy of the contractor's insurance certificate. His liability and worker's compensation will protect you if one of his employees is injured while on your property.

Will the contractor provide you with references? Contact these references, visit their properties if possible. Ask if the contractor has pictures of completed projects or if they have a web site, many companies will have photographs and list a customer satisfaction page on their site. References will give you greater insight with regards to the fencing contractor.

Be aware of advertising promotions that offer unbelievable discounts, you certainly might get a discount on materials, but you might find yourself paying much more for labor or other items. In order to remain a reputable fencing contractor, the business must also make a reasonable profit upon completion of the project.

Your contractor will help you determine your fencing needs and assist you in planning the fence to suit not only your needs, but also your budget.